Chambrair PRESTIGE

10.003,50 (8.550,00 HTVA)

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The Chambrair PRESTIGE 200 climate controlled wine cabinet is also as individual and exquisite as the taste of wine lovers. The cabinet has space for up to 120 bottles at temperatures of 8 to 22 degrees Celsius. According to the type of wine, the temperature can be optimally adapted and various wines stored in different temperature zones of the cabinet. The arrangement of the grids and the tempera­ture control can be flexibly adjusted and are adapted to individual requirements. For the security of your wine selection the ELEG 200 cabinet is fitted with a lock.


The sophisticated technology of the ELEG 200 cabinet offers in addition to ideal temperature zones:



    • fresh air circulation comparable with storage in natural wine cellars,


    • excellent humidity control to ensure perfect taste experiences,


    • comprehensive UV light protection



Extremely smooth running and the patented VibraStop functionality also make it possible to inte­grate the cabinet into the furnishing of quieter rooms. Conversations or listening to soft background music are not disturbed by starting up the cabinet. The cabinet also adapts itself visually to its envi­ronment. The whole of the surface finish can be individually designed, so that the ELEG 200 cabinet offers you a unique tailor-made product.


Informations complémentaires

Poids 175 kg
Dimensions 73 × 78.7 × 199.5 cm

160 bouteilles